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Upgrades i made to my Tevo Tornado

The Tevo Tornado is in my opinion a quite good printer out of the box, however there are some things that can be upgraded very easy that help raise quality reliability and safety.

  1. Level Knobs

    The leveling nuts on the Tornado are small and it is difficult to level the bed, this makes it easier.

  2. Heat bed cables strain relief

    The power cables of the heat bed are connected to mains voltage this helps protecting the cables from movement stress. Later i replaced this with the ultrabase mount.

  3. Ultrabase mount

    The “Build Tac” sheet from Tevo is quite good but is damaged quickly when trying to remove parts that stick very well, for that i decided to replace it with a 310x310mm anycubic ultrabase and used these mounting brackets.

  4. Wire guide

    For the horizontal profile to guide the cables going to the hotend.

  5. Z-Axis fine adjustment

    Helps to fine adjust Z height very easy.

  6. Spool holder for the control box

  7. LED bar for the top profile

  8. LED bar for the front

    Link to the thing will follow.

  9.  Self centering Z coupler

    The coupler installed on the Tornado is not the best and can cause wobbling. I replaced it with this design.

  10. Logitech C270 mount

  11. Bed leveling reminder

    Reminds you in which direction to turn.

  12. Y mount reinforcement

  13. Z mount reinforcement

  14. Control box knob replacement

  15. Stock parts cooling blower directed duct

  16. Fan duct for 5015 blower

  17. MKS Gen L mount bracket

  18. Titan extruder filament guide

Planned upgrades: